There's a cool new class in town, and taking it may just be the first step on the path to a lifetime of bliss, quality time and meals alike. We're not sure if you've heard, but we're talking about the recently-launched Allrecipes Cooking School — which may just be the best way around to put all of those shiny new registry gifts to good use. Whether you tend to feel utterly lost in the kitchen or are simply looking to build up a bit more confidence around your cutlery, these online classes are a great way to learn to cook and they start you off nice and slow with the fundamentals. Basically, they're the perfect excuse to pick up a new skill with your favorite person and definitely qualify as date night and the best way to get dinner on the table in one low-key, interactive and edible event. Let's take a look.


The Allrecipes Cooking School is broken down into a few basic sections: videos, cooking projects, quizzes, connection and cooking. Short demonstration videos will show you different techniques and teach you the skills you need to get started. Then, cooking projects will help guide you through those techniques (and new recipes) with step-by-step instructions that you can follow at your own pace. Quizzes will keep those lessons fresh, and if you have questions you can connect with instructors or other budding chefs on discussion boards. Last, but certainly not least, you can apply what you've learned by cooking up tasty variations on old recipes and finding new ones to try.

Allrecipes cooking school

The best thing about the cooking school is that it's customizable. You can take courses à la carte and only choose the classes you're most interested in, or you can sign up for the full fundamentals package, which includes 13 self-paced classes that cover everything from egg basics to soups and baking. Sound like a cooking dream come true? It just might be.


Even better, we've teamed up with Allrecipes to bring you a 20% discount on your purchase when you sign up for the Fundamentals package. Just create your account, pick the complete Fundamentals package and enter the code MYWEDCOOKS. The code is good through December 31, 2014, so let's get cooking! In the meantime, if you can't find us we'll be over here working on our lattice pie crusts.