Instead of traditional cake, consider giving each guest a cake with their name on it! These are refreshingly modern and easy to make!

DIY mini chocolate cakes adorned with a ribbon and handmade name cards.
Cost: approximately 50 cents per cake


Supplies needed, including scissors, tags, ribbons and pens.
Your favorite chocolate cake recipe
Paper baking cups (find them here)
Parchment paper
Paper florist ribbon
White tags


DIY mini chocolate cake resting on a rustic table.
1. Bake the little cakes in the molds. Use extra batter so the cakes will puff up a little higher than the paper molds. Let the cakes cool down.

Wrapping the mini chocolate cake in parchment paper and ribbon.
2. Measure strips of parchment and cut to wrap around the bottom of the cakes.

3. Add a ribbon and personalized tag.

DIY mini chocolate cakes wrapped in paper and ribbon with name tags lined up.
4. Line up on a pretty table!

DIY chocolate mini cakes wrapped in paper, ribbon and name tags resting on a table.

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Oh, how we love Frolic! Chelsea's daily inspiration blog is always chock-full of pretty ideas that feel effortless and chic. So, we're so happy that she is posting DIY projects that are easy to do while packing a big punch.