I feel like after all the hours I've put in watching cake decorating shows on the various food networks, I'm pretty much an expert. Let me tell you, fondant is a whole lot trickier than it looks, you can have a great vision but execution is an entirely different beast, and moving it (even 5 feet), well, that is the mark of a true professional.

So you can understand why I was bowled over when I saw Erica O'Brien's collection of wedding cakes. In my expert opinion, they are absolutely fabulous. Each one has such a unique feel you can almost picture the wedding it was made for - the location, bridesmaid dresses, table settings... Which makes sense, as Erica and her team collaborate with their couples on the design, working from elements that inspire you (family heirlooms, your wedding invitation, postcards) until you get a sketch that is the exact cake you want.

She has a ton more inspirational examples in her gallery and on her Facebook page that, well, really take the cake (I had to do it!).