bright painted wedding cakes

I'm crazy about this new trend of painted wedding cakes.  It opens up the door to so many different cake decor options. Whether you go soft and demure with sweet watercolors, or dramatic with bold shades and elaborate designs, painted cakes are definitely show stoppers.

succulent wedding cake that can be replanted after the wedding

This cake with lightly colored streaks and a succulent topper would go well at any simple affair, from vintage to desert.

watercolor painted wedding cakes

Give a nod to your church wedding with one of these ornate stained glass cakes!

painted wedding cakes
watercolor painted wedding cakes

Both of the cakes above have a very Mediterranean vibe, don't they?  From the watercolor tile motif (left) to the fruits and flowers (right), either would be right at home in a villa venue.

painted flower wedding cake

For those who want their wedding to be all things floral and lovely, these cakes are for you!  The rosebud design (above) shows how cupcakes can be incorporated in to the hand painted wedding cake trend.

pink painted wedding cakes

And don't be afraid to go a little three dimensional with your cakes with ruffles, rosettes, and even macarons!

painted flower wedding cake

Credits:  Red and Pink//White Flower Topper//Watercolors with Succulent//Square Stained Glass//Round Stained Glass//Blue Flowers//Scarf Pattern//Watercolor Squares//Italian Fruit//Painted Rosebuds//Pink and Ruffles//Pink Macarons//Painted Pansies