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Textured Pastel Wedding Cake
Photo: Nisha Ravji; Nouba

Whismical Texture

Pastel wedding cakes can be eye catching with a little texture. Even with such a simple pattern, this cake is artfully whimsical. We're sensing some bohemian wedding vibes here!

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Lovely Lavendar

And swoon! The spring garden charm and rustic tones of this lavender frosted cake have us weak in the knees. Pastels and florals are always a winning combination for wedding desserts.

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Macramé Suspended

Have you ever seen something as glamorous as a cake suspended by a macramé holder? To take it over the top, the geode and gold additions make this dessert one of the dreamiest pastel wedding cakes we've seen!

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Desert Dessert

Those minty green hues of our favorite desert plants pair so perfectly with other soft colors and this darling dessert is no exception. Adorned with a detailed, hand-molded sugar cactus and a wash of pastel pink, this cake is as charming as it is edgy.

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Marble Madness

As modern as it is striking, this pastel cake shows that going minimalist can be stunning. Even without the additional decoration of a more elaborate sweet, this cake can make a statement on the dessert table.

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Dipped in Pretty

We're not sure if it's the dusty blue drippings or the editable pastel blooms, but this dessert makes our heart skip a beat. It's perfect for a romantic spring wedding!

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Gorgeous Geometrics

A cake laden with geometric decor ideas has never been quite as popular as it is right now. For a more contemporary look try incorporating your pastel palette into modern structures on your dessert.

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Boho Traditional

We're head over heels for the blend of boho and traditional elements in this design. Edgy succulents and geodes contrast strikingly with soft colors and classic blooms in this one-of-kind cake.

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Industrial Romance

Earthy tones and subtle industrial elements make for a cake that's stunning from topper to stand. The soft blues and peaches, paired with lush greenery and a copper stand give the dessert table touches of both elegance and modernity.

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Ode To Ombre

Simple yet breathtaking, this sea-inspired ombre cake is transporting us to the coastline. Just the simple texture of the frosting makes this cake a standout.