fruit topped ruffled wedding cake with personalized wood cake topper

Wedding dresses aren't the only place for ruffles on your big day. These cakes prove that ruffles are just as pretty when created out of frosting as they are in organza. These cakes look great at rustic chic (above) and modern (below) events alike, because really, charm goes with everything.

gray ombre wedding cake with ruffles and gumpaste lily

While ombre has been very on-trend for the last year, you can also have your ruffles monochromatic (below). This delightful mint shade would be perfection at a retro affair, especially with its bubblegum-pink flowers.

mint colored ruffled wedding cake with pink flowers on shabby chic cake plate

Or mix it up within the ruffles, using one color for the ruffles and one for the edge. Below, this white ruffled cake features gold edging and extra sturdy texture to give it a sculptural quality.

wedding cake with dramatic white and gold ruffles and large pink flower
tall wedding cake with pearl pink fondant and white ruffled floral layer

Of course, one of our favorite ruffled elements is flowers. Ruffly rosettes look lovely in cream (above) or blush (below).  Create an entirely new texture by having your ruffles move in a different direction. For example, this cake below (left) has diagonal ruffles. Because it is monochromatic white, all of these details don't overwhelm the cake, and instead almost look like folded paper.

all white wedding cake with gumpaste peonies and diagonal ruffles
white ruffled wedding cake with flowers and leaves at the base

Don't enjoy frilly ruffles, but love how sharp the texture appears?  There are different techniques which can change the effect. Instead of ruffles, order a "combed" cake. This is where the frosting has been "combed" through with a tool (such as the back of a spoon) to create horizontal stripes along the layers (below, right).  The cake above actually uses a combination of combing and ruffles. As you can see, depending on how precise each line is, it can look like a slightly flatter version of ruffles. Or, if you want really, really edgy ruffles, have your baker use fondant to create lots of height with each edge (below, left).

gray ombre ruffled wedding cake with rosette effect on top layer
bright pink ombre combed wedding cake

Need more ruffles in your life?  Check out the rest of these deliciously fantastic cakes:

white wedding cake with gold ruffled layer and jewel tone decorations
tall, thick combed wedding cake in white
modern ruffled wedding cake with pink ruffles on silver stand
ruffled pink ombre wedding cutting cake
blush ruffled wedding cake with bottom layer of ruffled flowers
white ruffled wedding cake with gray ribbon decor for rustic wedding
cute white ruffled wedding cake with pink ruffled flowers on retro cake stand

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