luxury silver wedding cake with multiple designs

When you're a bride with a metallic wedding color palette, you probably don't want to leave your cake out of all of the glitzy fun!  These wedding cakes are super glam, shimmering in shades of silver and gold.

If you've got a big crowd, you just might need a tall cake!  We love this silver cake above, featuring layers with different, intricate designs and sugared flowers draped throughout.  Even if you just have gray palette, rather than silver, you can have a cake like this for just a touch of razzle dazzle.

white fondant wedding cake decorated with edible silver balls

Have your bakery give a classic fondant cake a dose of metallic with edible sprinkles and beads in different sizes. Above, this cake looks like each layer was dipped in silver and would be beautiful at a winter wedding.

We're gaga over this simple buttercream cake below with a sparkly twist. Not only is this cake's frosting laced with a metallic glow, but it also features silver glitter to create a trail of stardust from its topper.

Stardust themed wedding cake with sparkly frosting

Want to make a metallic cake work for a garden wedding?  No problem!  This floral pattern below uses silver fondant to make a stunning stenciled flower accented with gold berries.

elegant fondant wedding cake with stenciled metallic flowers

Love mixing and matching metallics?  These watercolor cakes below combine gold with silver and blue to create a gorgeous, glowing effect.

modern wedding cake with metallic bottom layer
blue and gold watercolor wedding cake

Traditional brides don't have to worry about the golden cake of their dreams being too "trendy" to fit in with their classic decor. Embrace a simple design that uses gold like the white and gold cake below divided with black ribbon. 

simple white and gold wedding cake

For traditional weddings that are a bit more regal, go all-out opulence with layers of gold and coppery flowers.  Even with the gold leafing technique this cake isn't overtly modern.

white and gold luxury wedding cake with copper flowers

Minimalist brides will appreciate simple gold and white stripes on a stately wedding cake (below).

simple white wedding cake with shiny gold stripes
white wedding cake with glittering gold discs and chalkboard topper

Modern weddings merge color and texture really well, and these cakes are no exception. Use gold discs or rough, sandy, gold "sprinkles" to decorate your fabulous cake.

textured wedding cake with ruffled white layers and rough gold layers

The same large gold dust is used to decorate this black and white cake below. With its adorable hearts, this wedding cake would fit in wonderfully at a whimsical, playful event.

black, white, and gold wedding cake with hot pink heart

white and rose golf wedding cake with ornate design

Rose gold isn't just popular with jewelry, we're also seeing it pop up in cake decor. With its pinky-peach shade, these accents soften up a black and white palette.

black and gold wedding cupcakes in lace liners

Love the glow but don't want to feature silver or gold? Ask for a pearl or iridescent sheen to your cake's frosting, transforming any color into a glimmering confection.

pink and white wedding cake with pearl finish
marsala colored wedding cake with metallic sheen

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