Whether you want to go super girlie-girl feminine or rustic farm chic, a high tea bridesmaid luncheon is a great way to thank your favorite friends for all their help. What I love best about this concept is that it doesn't require that you go to a lot of expense or formality, because it actually looks better if your china is mismatched and your food is kept simple. There is no rule that you actually serve a meal, it could just be desserts. Although for not much more effort, you can make delish flatbreads or sandwiches so that you can have a whole afternoon of fun!


Flatbread & wine

Paper-wrapped sandwiches

White teapot with mismatched cups

Casual backyard table with white eyelet tablecloth

Pretty pastel bouquets

Donut and mini-tart dessert platter

Carrot cake on a classic checkered picnic tablecloth

Featured Image: Anna Hardy