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Fairytale Castle Cake

If your sweet romance to your betrothed feels like its straight out of a fairytale, why not play up that whimsicality with a castle-shaped cake that would make even Cinderella jealous? This cake was part of a Sri Lanka celebrity couple's nuptials and we can't help but stare in wonder at the magical creation.

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Solid Gold

This solid gold five-tiered cake looks like a million bucks. We love the pops of white that the flowers give the otherwise perfectly plated confection. Elaborate wedding cakes have at least one standout feature, and this one is definitely the seamless gold fondant.

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Geometric Color

Modern and playful, this brightly colored, geometrically-minded cake is perfect for an art gallery wedding. Even though it has a lot going on with the gold foil, multiple tiers, bright colors and delicate designs, it's still sophisticated and cool— just like you.

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Sprinkle Cake

Sprinkles don't have to stay squarely in your childhood; bring the sweet nostalgia of a summer ice cream cone to your wedding reception with a meticulously sprinkled cake like this one. The cute, colorful candy bits are elevated to something more chic with the addition of the bows— perfect for kids young and old.

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Dark and Dramatic

We love how each tier of this darkly dramatic cake has a different (but similar!) motif; each one could stand on its own as a gorgeous cake but together they create something grand and gorgeous. We love something this moody for an evening winter wedding.

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Natural Tree Motif

Maybe this wedding cake doesn't look super elaborate at first glance but look closely and you'll see that the icing has been crafted to resemble birch tree bark, carefully cut and intricately shaded. The spray of wildflowers and greenery gives it an even more authentically natural look and the carved initials is a sweet touch.

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Indian Wedding Cake

This beautifully detailed cake was painted with henna-inspired designs for an opulent Indian wedding. We love the idea of including meaningful imagery into your cake design. Think about what motifs are important in your family and consider incorporating them into your own cake!

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Upside Down Chandelier Cake

Gravity couldn't keep Kaley Cuoco's over-the-top wedding cake plans down. And by down, of course, we mean upside down. The towering, rhinestone encrusted cake was suspended underneath a chandelier at the reception, creating a glamorous Willy Wonka look that set the tone for the entire wedding.

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pink wedding cake
Photo: Wilton

Pink Lace and Ribbon

Romantic, classic and totally feminine, this pink cake would be perfect for a Valentine's Day wedding. The ruffly white top and bottom make for cloud-like bookends for the pretty patterned pink confection.

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Geode Gorgeousness

While all the elaborate wedding cakes in our round-up are beyond beautiful, we have to say this geode stunner definitely looks too good to eat. The artistry behind making simple icing look like a crystallized geode is beyond compare. It's sexy, sophisticated and totally unexpected.