Around here, we spend much of our time knee-deep in gorgeousness (hard life, right?) so it takes something extra-pretty to make us stand up and shout. Which is a fairly accurate description of what I did when I saw these oh-so-lovely cake toppers from Vintage Proverbs 356 - I believe "squeal" is the exact word.

Made mainly from artificial flowers (although they certainly don't photograph that way), each cake topper is custom-made and one-of-a-kind. What I like best about them, though, is that they are really all you would need to have a stunning, elegant wedding cake; in the photos a simple, white cake is elevated to an "Ahh"-worthy version with the addition of the topper. Plus, you could re-use it after your Big Day and impress friends and family at dinner parties when you whip out dessert.

Holly is also open to making matching bouquets - just head on over to her site and send her a note!

Hot Pink Floral


Creamy Butterfly


Dusty Rose


Pink and White Rose


White Paper Rose


Vibrant Orange and A Dreamy Union

Need a cake to put that topper on? Our local guides are chock-full of wedding cake designers who can help you out.