kitchen tools lined up on linen cloth

We all have foodie friends. They're the ones that have the best recommendations for brunch hot spots and whose dinner parties you absolutely never miss.  Here's what to get the bride and groom on your list who appreciate all things delicious and tasty.

For the weekend foodies:

Monday through Friday it's all about eating whatever is simple and relatively healthy. But once the weekend hits, this couple's schedule centers around long breakfasts and visiting every local farmers' market they can find.

glass Chemex coffeemaker by French toast and bacon

Coffee aficionados will definitely appreciate the Chemex shown above.  The divine pour-over brew it creates will be the cherry on the top of every gourmet brunch they cook.

Give them this handy woven tote/backpack (below) for all of their trips to pick up organic produce.

woven market bag with backpack straps

Here's one thing that every foodie couple drools over, but might not already have. The exquisite (but expensive) Le Creuset bakeware will help them prepare some of their favorite Saturday night meals.

Le Creuset bakeware in blues and greens

For the couple that bakes together:

Some people prefer to cook, and others bake. If these friends are your go-to for piping-hot sourdoughs or rich red velvet cupcakes, encourage their baking habit with one of these fun presents.

cookbook holder with dual metal weights

You can always tell which recipe was a family favorite by which cookbook page is covered with sticky fingerprints. Help preserve their treasured cookbooks and their sanity while baking with a cookbook holder with handy weights on both sides (above).

You wouldn't believe how many duplicate items bakers can really use, so gifts like Silpat mats (below), measuring cups, spatulas, and cookie sheets will always be appreciated.

Christmas cookies on Silpat mat next to holiday spatulas

Want to go a little luxe?  These hand-carved wooden rolling pins (below) are so gorgeous that they might choose to display it rather than sully it with pie crust.

handcarved artisan rolling pins

For the bride and groom that love to host:

Their dinner parties and game nights are legendary. When you get the invite, you make sure to circle the date in Sharpie.  Here are a few gifts for the couple who lives to entertain.

 collection of cocktail mixers and tonics

Get them started on their new favorite cocktail by purchasing them a selection of gourmet tonics and mixers.  Who knows?  Maybe they'll name their latest concoction after you!

modern tiered metal serving stand

If you throw parties all throughout the year, then you know you can never have enough serving pieces. Above, this tiered stand works with a variety of home decor styles and is sturdy enough to last for years.  Below, modern foodies who love a bit of whimsy will dig this glazed notebook-paper style tray.

glass serving tray that looks like notebook paper

For the couple always expanding their palette:

You can never win a "what's the strangest thing you've ever eaten" contest with these two.  Fans of just about every cuisine, they love trying new things and experimenting with unique flavors.

Try the World is a relatively new company that is revolutionizing the monthly food subscription industry (farewell, fruit baskets).  Each month they will send the couple a box filled with delicacies from a particular country or region.  Your friends will have a blast!

international food of the month subscription box

Or go local with a selection of artisan syrups and condiments to try out with their favorite recipes to give them a new spin.

Vermont themed syrups and sauces from local makers

These foodies are never happy sticking with the tried-and-true, so keep them from veering into a food rut by purchasing them a cookbook in a category they aren't well-versed in.

bright and playful Pie School cookbook cover

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