A relatively old-fashioned concept, the sweet table has re-emerged as a wedding must-have in recent years. Some couples choose to have a large sweet table in lieu of a cake, while others have one in addition to the traditional wedding cake. Sweet tables can contain anything from elaborate pastries to candy, but the best ones are linked by some kind of theme. Remember to always be practical with your location.  For example, if your outdoor reception is in July, best to avoid chocolate and nougat.

Included are a few examples of some of our favorite sweet tables and some ideas about how to make yours special.

Best for a:

Modern wedding: Go monochromatic.  Choose simple candies and pastries in the same shade.  Just because things are all the same color, it doesn't have to be boring. Use interesting touches and varying heights in your display.

Super-casual outdoor wedding: Go retro. If retro fits with your theme, use hard-to-find nostalgic candies and treats. Create whimsical packaging such as vellum bags with a fun sticker with your names on it.

Classic and traditional: Focus on pastries. The classic sweet table was composed mainly of small tarts, cookies, and pastries. Offer both fruit and chocolate options.  Keep the dècor on the table simple and understated.