Beautiful wedding display of a number of brunch items, including drinks.

So you're planning your wedding. And you know you want a white dress. And a church. Or maybe an outdoor mountain vista. But when you get to the reception, your thoughts and ideas are just a little bit hazier. In fact, you're really not sure what you want at all: a three-course plated meal or the basics: cake and champagne.

There are many options out there - it's just a matter of finding one that fits your needs and, of course your budget! Here are a few basic reception ideas to help you get started.

Dinner reception: This type of reception, a formal dinner that can be either served plated to tables or served as a buffet, tends to have the most structure and feel typical¬Ě of wedding receptions. A cocktail hour can optionally precede the meal, and it is generally followed by dancing and cake cutting. The most expensive of the options, it is also the most traditional and will also leave you and your guests plenty of time to enjoy the evening and celebrate.

Cocktail hour: Slightly more relaxed than a formal dinner, but still with plenty of room for a classic feel, cocktail hour style receptions have a lot of flexibility. You can dress them up, dress them down, serve them with heavy hors d'oeuvres and dessert and, because you'll have less need for tables and chairs in the more mingle-friendly atmosphere, be able to fit more people into your venue for (as long as you keep an eye on your bar tab!) less cost.

Brunch reception: Slightly more a-typical than a cocktail hour or dinner reception, but every bit as much fun, this type of reception is perfect for pancake-lovers and early-risers alike. Whether you're planning a sunrise wedding or simply have a honeymooning plane to catch, a brunch reception can be a fun way to celebrate with a myriad of meal options and a smaller bill. Just don't forget the mimosas - or the coffee.

Photo credit: Amy Osaba Floral Design