Groom's cakes, a long-standing Southern tradition, are an excellent way to inject a little frivolity into your reception. Originally, pieces of the groom's cake were handed out as favors with various superstitions, the most popular being that single women who slept with a piece of the groom's cake under their pillow would dream of their future husband.

Today, groom's cakes can be a fun (and a bit irreverent) way for the groom's personality to be expressed on a day that is often more bride-focused. Usually the cake is either his favorite flavor or decorated to reflect his hobbies. The cake flavors are generally richer than the traditional white wedding cake.

The groom's cake is cut following the wedding cake, and unless the cakes are linked by theme, is displayed on a separate table.  The groom's cake is a gift to the groom and, therefore, has traditionally been the responsibility of the bride or the groom's family to arrange. It should be noted that this completely optional, and that it is perfectly acceptable to only serve a wedding cake.

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