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One of the biggest and richest red wines, cabernet sauvignon is a bold wine that pairs well with bold foods. Here are a few pairing suggestions:

Appetizers:  Charcuterie plates (especially salami), beef or duck potstickers, olive tapenade, and short ribs all go splendidly. Basically anything with beef and lots of spicy flavor is going to do well.

Cheeses: This wine doesn't pair as easily with cheeses as other because the big flavors and tannins tend to drown out the more delicate cheeses. But a blue cheese is usually a solid bet, as is most cow's milk hard cheeses.

Main Course:  Red meats are the best pairing with this wine. Save this wine for a juicy steak!  Spicier and hearty dishes can also go well, especially those with lots of pepper!

Desserts:  The chocoholic in you can be completely satisfied! When pairing a cab with dessert, the more dark chocolate the better. Because cab also has berry notes, consider something decadent like a chocolate raspberry torte.