Chardonnays can vary so much that often they can be difficult to pair. Here are our recommendations for a medium-bodied, not-too-much-oak-please chardonnay.

Appetizers:  Corn or risotto cakes, plantain empanadas, and butternut squash soup will all sing with a chardonnay!

Cheeses:  Balance the acidity of chardonnay with a nice, creamy Brie. If the chardonnay has green apple notes (which is common), this wine can be especially delicious with a sharp, aged cheddar.

Main Courses: In my opinion, few things go as well with a good chardonnay as a roast chicken. And if you are thinking about a brunch, chardonnay will also go well with quiche for the same reason as it does with creamy cheeses.

Desserts: Custards and puddings are generally pretty delish with a chardonnay.  Personally, I think chardonnay washes down an almond shortbread cookie with a lot of panache.