If you've been planning your wedding for any amount of time, you've most likely run into Rifle's line of custom wedding invitations. And, if you haven't, well, please go and take a look. Don't worry - we'll wait for you.

Absolutely delightful, aren't they? Whimsical, creative, unique - you can hear your guests "oohs" and 'ahhs" emanating from them. Those are the kinds of invites that make me want to get married all over again (or at least force any engaged person I know into getting them for their wedding).

Happily for all of us, Anna (the lovely artist behind Rifle) has decided to expand her line with the addition of heirloom recipe boxes, which are exactly as they sound - recipe boxes so gorgeous they'll be handed down for generations. I keep thinking this would be the perfect gift from a new mother-in-law, filled with family recipes the couple can then pass along; it'd also be a meaningful thank you gift to your parents, filled with recipes you created together growing up with new faves added in the mix.

And, just like everything that comes out of Rifle, the recipe boxes are, well, special. The boxes are hand-crafted by local craftsmen from trees that were destined for landfills in a process that takes three-months to complete. So there's some serious love built into them. Each box also includes 12 dividers and 24 recipes cards, created with Rifle's signature style.
Best news? Until September 29th, Anna is giving Delightfully Engaged readers (and only DE readers!) free shipping on all recipe boxes (or any order over $75). Use the promo code mywedding12 at check-out to get the deal.