Let's face it, when you are first starting out, you're lucky if your new home has furniture in every room. Your first house, although magical, is often pretty piecemeal and low on funds. It's difficult to look like you have an aesthetic all your own. Here are some suggestions to maximize your style on a budget:

Select timeless pieces that you can easily accessorize.

Don't just focus on the couch and coffee table. Add small pieces to fill the room. A basic club chair offers the perfect reading space, especially when you can put your feet up on a lovely leather ottoman! You also shouldn't just stick with solids, find versatile print patterns to add some pizazz to your living room.


Add cohesion to your vertical space.

Neglecting your walls is a quick way to make a room feel barren. Fill your home with pictures of your family and wedding. Use matching frames to lend an upscale feel to the decor.

Use color and texture to give your room personality.

When you register, make sure to include some accessories to brighten up your room. Pillows can be chosen in vibrant shades for an energetic mood, or calm things down with muted tones. Furniture with texture, like a wicker storage tower or a hammered glass vase, can be just as effective as color when trying to give your living space style!


Don't forget the floors!

You'd be surprised just how much a pretty rug can transform a room! It can tie the whole space together, especially if it incorporates all the colors you've used.