During special occasions, people want to keep mementos that they can look back to and smile about. Your wedding day is no different: this is a celebration that could happen only once in a lifetime. As green, eco-friendly weddings become more popular, why not remember your special day with photographs and videos that were used with earth-friendly products and services?




Let's start with photography. You can begin by researching and finding local photographers who offer green services. Using recycled paper in their offices or photo-developing chemicals with less abrasive and harsh side effects on the earth are two green alternatives. Every little bit counts, so ask your photographer if they offer eco-friendly photo album packages on recycled, acid-free papers. When shopping for your photographer, keep an eye out for certifications and ask if their lab is local and green. Some photographers have their wedding albums printed far away, which increases their carbon footprint. Instead, choose a photographer who uses a green-certified lab and prints albums using materials that are animal-friendly and non-toxic. You can even ask the photographer if they can deliver the images to you electronically on a website or FTP site.



The home video of your wedding can be eco-friendly as well. Many camera companies now use recycled plastics for their products or green batteries. These are rechargeable and recyclable and actually deliver more energy than typical Nickel Cadmium batteries. Some creative and quirky videographers even store their equipment in bags made from recycled plastic bottles.


Simple steps like these make a lasting impression on your wedding, and not to mention, also help the earth.


Photo Credit: John Schnack Photography