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Baby Blues

Pair baby blue eyes with a baby blue suit for the ultimate match made in heaven.

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Nice & Navy

Light suit isn't for you? Go the other direction! Pick out a nice navy blue suit and you'll be on to a stand out look for the big day.

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Bright & Bold

Make the groom the center of attention by putting him in a bright and bold suit. He might not like having all eyes on him, but he will look brilliant.

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Keep it Subtle

It's not quite blue, it's not quite gray. Pick a blue hue that is a mixture of the two for a sophisticated groom look. Only you'll know what the real color is and it'll keep the guests guessing.

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Dark gray blue suits with darker trim
Photo: The Cab Look; Style Me Pretty

Try the Trim

Blue suits are made even more unique by the addition of small details. Try switching up the color on the trim or picking a color that is unusual for your style. You'll surprise your bride and the wedding guests.

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Brilliant Brights

Are you okay with being the center of attention? Pick a suit that's a brilliant blue and it'll be guaranteed to draw the attention of the guests. (But make sure you let the bride show off her style too!)

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Play with Pattern

If you're happy to step outside your comfort zone on your wedding day, then do it! Pick a blue suit that has a bit of a pattern to it. You'll be bound to stand out in the best way.

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Use the Color Wheel

Why stick to one shade of blue when you can use a whole blue-inspired palette? Utilize the whole spectrum by pairing different blues together for an alternative but still stylish setup.

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Pick an Accent Point

So, you have your blue suit, but you think it still looks a little plain. Pick an area you'd like to accent and go for it. Pair your tie and pocket square, too, for the best perfect addition.

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Break the Rules

Who said that navy blue and black couldn't be worn together? Break the so-called fashion rules on your wedding and do it in style.