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groom in white shirt with sleeves rolled up to reveal tattoos
Photo: Jess Jackson

Classic White Shirt

When you need casual groom attire ideas, look no further than a classic white shirt. Whether paired with khaki pants, dress slacks, or jeans, this is a timeless look that despite its casual style, will look great in your wedding album.

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groom and groomsmen in blue jeans for casual wedding
Photo: Tyler Siems

Blue Jeans

Particularly for a country or rustic wedding, having the groom and groomsmen all in blue jeans might go better with your theme than more traditional suits. Just make sure everything is pressed and hemmed correctly to stay casual, not sloppy.

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groom and groomsmen in Hawaiian shirts
Photo: Julie Harmsen

Hawaiian Cool

If you are having a Hawaiian destination wedding, why not fully embrace the fun with a themed shirt? Have your fella wear a jacket over it for the ceremony, if you prefer. At the reception, he'll stay cool and comfortable.

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Chambray Chic

A classic white shirt's country cousin, chambray is a pretty fabric that is also very breathable and lightweight. This look can work well on a beach or at a farm wedding.

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Khaki Shorts

For a super casual beach wedding or elopement, comfort is key. The groomsmen won't mind this attire choice, and neither will the groom. If you are planning on wearing a simple sundress down the aisle, this summer outfit will coordinate well.

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Tweed Vest

When you want to be informal, but not everyday casual, dress your man up in a cute tweed vest. This classic piece can be worn again, so invest in quality tailoring and a pattern he loves.

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rocky coastline elopement with groom in casual clothing
Photo: Elicia Bryan

Dress Practically

Casual groom attire ideas usually involve some degree of practicality, whether you are dressing for the weather or the landscape. For this rocky coastline elopement, the couple had to climb up and down a rocky hillside. When looking at both of your clothes for a remote elopement, make sure to plan for your "venue" and dress appropriately.

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Wool Layers

For a casual winter wedding, have your groom skip the traditional suit and instead layer with a wool sweater and sportscoat. The overall effect is still dressed up, but it will also keep him warm for your snowy ceremony.

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A Tie & Suspenders

If you need to stay cool at your summer wedding, simply skip the jacket and roll up his shirtsleeves. This stylish groom opted to accessorize with thin leather suspenders and a linen tie.

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Eclectic Jacket

For boho or modern weddings with a casual dress code, opt for your groom to wear a classic button up shirt and pair it with a unique and stylish jacket. From earth-toned corduroy with elbow patches to bright tweed coats, encourage him to find one that represents his own personal style.