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Floral Burlap Boutonniere

This boutonniere made of burlap flowers is perfect for a rustic wedding on a farm; it's a casual take on the traditional. And the best part? You can keep it as a wedding memento with no worry of it wilting!

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Soda Cap Accessory
Photo: Brian and Kessie Photography

Soda Cap Accessory

Adding a fun, personalized detail like a favorite soda or beer cap to traditional floral wedding boutonnieres gives your groom the best of both words— a little added character to a classic!

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Pinwheel Boutonniere

These DIY pinwheel boutonnieres are easy to make and totally fun. A grown-up take on a childhood classic, it'll definitely be a hit among your wedding guests, young and old alike.

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Vintage Map Boutonniere and Bow Tie
Photo: Sharon Cooper

Vintage Map Boutonniere and Bow Tie

If you and your guy share a love of travel, why not honor your passion with a sophisticated cool boutonniere (and bow tie!) fashioned out of a vintage map? Not only will he look and feel worldly, your recycling efforts will help save the world.

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Naturally Quirky Boutonniere

If your fiance wants to add some flair without straying from the plant kingdom, there are so many floral and plant options that are bursting with personality— like this curly q. Don't be afraid to ask your florist to think outside the box when it comes to boutonniere blooms.

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Succulent Boutonniere
Photo: Flora D'Amore

Succulent Boutonniere

Succulents and greenery like eucalyptus leaves are earthy, understated and chic alternatives to bright blooms.

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Lego Men Boutonnieres
Photo: Offbeat Bride

Lego Men Boutonnieres

For a dashing dose of nerdy chic, these Lego men-adorned boutonnieres are a fun option. They're an easy, customizable DIY so you can match each Lego man with the personalities of your groomsmen.

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Felted Heart Boutonniere

You've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve— but what about on your lapel?! A felted heart boutonniere is a sweet, offbeat choice for those hopeless romantics among us.

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Feather Boutonniere

Wrapping vibrant feathers with a simple leather cord is effortless and natural, just like the love between you and your groom (awww.....).

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Starfish Boutonniere

If you are headed to the beach for your nuptials, we love the idea of pinning a starfish to a seersucker suit; it's stylish, unique and so appro!