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Light blue summer wedding tie
Photo: Whitney Neal

Lighten it Up

Summer is about light and bright colors and summer ties can change a traditional suit in an instant. Pick a light color and incorporate it in the wedding ties.

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A Floral Touch

Who said that floral patterns were only for females? Floral patterns can add a unique touch to a tie.

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Mix and Match

No one said that everything in a wedding had to match. Pick a pattern or color scheme that is complementary and add it to the summer ties for your wedding. The mix and match aspect can add a point of difference that is found in simple elements of summer ties.

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Add Flare

Like we said, everything doesn't have to match! Pick the same bow tie for the groomsmen and pick a unique, patterned bow tie for the groom. The groom gets to stand out on his big day, but the color scheme still matches the rest of the wedding party. Win-win!

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Bright wedding tie for summer wedding
Photo: MODwedding

Color Pop

Make summer ties 'pop' by picking a bright color. Oranges, blues, greens, and peaches are great options when trying to draw attention to the groom's tie.

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Elegant and classic black tie for groomsman
Photo: Weddingomania

Keep it Elegant

...Or you could go with the tried and true. Keep it elegant and classic. Stick with the black bow tie and classic suit.

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Change it Up

Perhaps you like the black and white look, but want to make it different. Pick a pattern you love and make it work for you.

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Palette Pairing

Pick the same colors and use them for the groom and groomsmen to create a uniform look, but then highlight a contrasting detail. Think about asking the groomsmen wear bow ties and having the groom wear a full tie to create a point of difference.

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Summer wedding groom fashion with a peach bow tie
Photo: Patrick Moyer

Warm Hues

Summer is all about warm colors. Change a suit by adding warm colors to the groomsmen's attire — the peach shown here is the perfect color for a summer wedding.

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Different tints and tones for summer ties
Photo: Wedding Party

Cover the Spectrum

Pick one color you love and use every shade possible. Use a slightly different shade for each summer tie and each groomsman will have his own hue, plus the look as a whole will have a unique ombre effect.