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Pocket Square

For debonair grooms wanting to add a bit more color to their wedding suit, a pocket square is a great way to add personality and flair. Keep it classic with a solid color or use a pretty pattern like this sweet floral for the occasion.

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groom in navy suit and aqua tie
Photo: Juan Maclean

Personalized Embroidery

Very sentimental, have a tailor embroider your wedding date or a romantic message into the groom's suit jacket. Keep it as a surprise to make him smile on the morning of the big day.

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Bow Ties

From relaxed rustic to upscale elegance, bow ties have increased in popularity for dashing groom style. These two pastel examples in madras plaid and seersucker are perfect for summer's preppy lawn weddings.

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kelly green tie bar with pinch clasp
Photo: The Tie Bar

Tie Bar

Tie bars and clips don't have to be such an old-school accessory. They can be just as playful and modern as your groom. This pinch clasp tie bar in kelly green is bright and festive.

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bright striped cufflinks
Photo: Paul Smith


If your groom has decided that he wants to wear cufflinks, find him a pair that is unique enough that he will always remember where he first wore them, but classic enough to wear for a lifetime. We love these circular and rectangle options with a rainbow's worth of colorful stripes.

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For summer weddings, a groom may not want to wear a jacket the whole time (or at all). A pair of suspenders can tie his whole look together, rather than make him appear partially dressed.

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best man assists groom in wool jacket and vest
Photo: Ellie Gillard


Suit vests can add so much to a groom's look. From light linens to wool tweeds, there's one for every suit and season. After the ceremony he can ditch the jacket and roll up his sleeves for a more relaxed outfit.

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colorful socks for groom and groomsmen
Photo: Happy Socks


How many real weddings have you seen with the requisite groomsmen socks shot? This groom style icon is all about having fun on an already very joyful day. Find him a pair of socks to match your wedding colors, or just ones you know he will get a kick out of.

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groom in hat and seersucker suit
Photo: RhPhotoarts


Nothing makes a gentleman quite like a great hat. If your fella appreciates a quality haberdashery, take him to one to find his statement accessory for your wedding day.

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simple thistle boutonniere with polka dot shirt
Photo: Eucca


While it's not required for a groom to wear a boutonniere, most do. Because this accessory is front and center, have your florist create something you know he won't mind wearing. Although many grooms don't mind wearing a large pink rose arrangement on their lapel, most would prefer something a bit more subtle (such as this option with a thistle).