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Tan Wingtips

If your groom is looking to walk the fine line between dressy and casual, then these tan wingtip shoes might be for him. They're simple, yet sophisticated, and pair nicely with a navy blue suit.

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Dusty Blue Shoes

Your wedding isn't complete without something blue! These dusty blue shoes make a soft, subtle statement. We recommend wearing them with a slate suit.

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Black Suede Loafers

These black suede loafers with embroidered bees are for the fashion-forward groom! A suede groom shoe with a monogram is a trending wedding choice, but mixing it up with unique embroidery shows some personality.

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Mustard Oxfords

A pair of mustard oxford shoes like these pop with a navy suit! It's a good option for a groom that appreciates fashionable choices.

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Casual Converse

If your groom isn't a dress shoes kind of guy, converse are a casual and stylish alternative. These will really let your favorite fella cut a rug at the reception!

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Studded Opera Pump

It takes a real stud to pull these off! These studded opera pumps are one of the most stylish and striking groom wedding shoes! If you like this shoe choice, check out a few more ways to make your groom stand out.

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Tan Tennis Shoes

For the groom that's anything but traditional, these tan tennis shoes are a simple choice that can be dressed up with some eclectic accessories. We love this shoe idea with a little hipster flair.

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Nautical Penny Loafers

Ahoy! These two-toned penny loafers are the perfect touch to a nautical wedding. We love this find with a light, tan or navy suit.

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Sperry Topsiders

These tan and navy topsiders were a great accessory for these chic groomsmen. Finish off with suspenders and a lightweight suit for a more relaxed look!

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Tassel Penny Loafers

A shoe choice with a little personality is no hassle. With these tasseled, brown penny loafers your favorite guy will make a statement.

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Slip-On Vans

It's all about location, location, location! If your nuptials will take place on a beach, these canvas slip-on vans are the perfect choice for your groom's footwear!