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Floral Printed Ties
Photo: Pat Furey; Ruffled

Play with Patterns

Printed ties, if done right, can look super suave on all your groomsmen. From floral to polka dots to plaid, the options are abundant. Play away!

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Mismatched Groomsmen Suits

It's not just mismatched bridesmaid dresses that look stunning at the altar. The variation of groomsmen suits is a detail that adds a lot to the aesthetic of your wedding party.

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Wreath Boutonniere
Photo: Ozzy Garcia ; Brides

Out-of-the-Box Boutonniere

Instead of going with the tradition floral boutonniere, mix it up a bit. We love the use of fresh greenery fashioned to make a miniature wreath for this groomsman. You can also use small knickknacks like fishing hooks, golf tees, or sailing rope to make an accessory that represents their hobbies. For more nontraditional boutonnieres, check out some of our favorites.

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Personalized Cuff Links

A dapper set of cuff links is a small detail that goes a long way. We love how these groomsmen all have cuff links from their alma mater. It's one of our favorite groomsman ideas that gives the attire a personal touch.

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Add in Velvet

Nothing gets us quite as excited as a new wedding trend and right now velvet has our attention. For a chic look, add a touch of velvet to your guys' attire. Whether it's an all plush jacket, collar, or a bow tie like above, it's sure to complete a look that stands out.

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Striking Footware

Straying away from the typical loafers is a great way to have the guys in your wedding party stand out (especially if the weather won't allow a dress shoe)!

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Unique Tie Clips

You're not "tied" to the traditional, sometimes boring, clips. Try something out of ordinary that goes with the theme of your wedding or matches your groomsmen's personalities. We love this horse clip for a ranch wedding.

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Decorative Socks

Splash some color on your guys' feet with some creative socks. Have the groom hook up his favorite guys with a cool pair before the wedding. It makes for a great photo!

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Snazzy Suspenders

A pair of patterned or textured suspenders gives your groomsmen unique flair. You can go simple everywhere else, add in a cool set of suspenders, and the outfit still really pops.

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It's What's on the Inside that Counts

We know that in the end, what's on the inside counts the most- even when it comes to the suit. Try lining the wedding party's suits in some special fabric. This famous groomsman duo has it down!

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Top It All Off

Hats aren't for every wedding or wedding party, but for some, it works in perfectly. We love how these groomsmen's hats pair with the woodsy theme of this wedding.