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Open Button-Up Shirts

Particularly if your beach wedding is during the summer, you might be facing warm temperatures and high humidity. The ideal beach wedding attire for men allows them to stay comfortable. Look great on the most important day of your life by unbuttoning the top two buttons of a white shirt for a classic look.

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Tie & Jeans

Be casual and cool in a pair of dark jeans, buttoned-up shirt, and simple tie. You still look a little bit dressed up, but without feeling like you might ruin your suit when the tide comes in.

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wedding party in coral and khaki for beach wedding
Photo: Yolande Marx

Hats & Bow Ties

When the sun is shining down on you during your wedding ceremony, you might want a hat to make sure you aren't squinting to see your bride. A delightful summery complement to a hat is a cheerful bow tie, seen here in coral.

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groom in seersucker jacket for beach wedding
Photo: Quetzal Photo

Breathable Fabrics

When trying to decide on a jacket, you ideally want to find one in a breathable, light fabric. Cotton, linen, and seersucker are all terrific fabrics for beach wedding attire for men.

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Light Gray Suits

Out of all the beach weddings we've seen over the years, the most common groom's attire is a light gray suit. It is a handsome compromise between relaxed and black tie and is a neutral that blends well into any color palette.

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Hawaiian wedding groomsmen in maile leis
Photo: Maui Maka

Hawaiian Inspiration

When you are getting married on a beach in Hawaii, you need to look the part. Wear a white shirt and khaki pants, all topped off with a maile lei.

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groom in gray vest hugs bride at beach wedding
Photo: Odalys Mendez

Sherbet Accents

Beach weddings are often fun and lighthearted. If you are wearing a suit, add a pop of a sherbet color such as vibrant mint, pink, or coral.

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Preppy Style

East Coast bash? Beach weddings on the Atlantic can often be chilly affairs, particularly when just a little off-season. Embrace the weather and your surroundings in a preppy navy suit.

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Rolled Up Sleeves & Suspenders

If the weather is really warm, you aren't going to want to wear a jacket. Instead, roll up your sleeves, and add a pair of suspenders as a charming, casual accessory.

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Flip Flops

Whether you are wearing jeans or a full suit, sand in your shoes is zero fun at a beach wedding. Instead, find a pair of flip flops to be beach appropriate.

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Sensible Loafers

Or, if sandals just aren't your thing, find a pair of loafers. They look sauve, and you can easily shake them out after the ceremony.

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Complementary Styles

Ultimately, the most important part when deciding what to wear to your beach wedding is to match the bride. If she is wearing a light sundress, you don't need to be wearing a tuxedo. Likewise, a bride who is braving the beach in sky-high heels and a mermaid gown isn't going to appreciate a groom in jeans and a tee shirt. As long as your styles complement each other, you will look fantastic!