We spend a lot of time around here talking about wedding dresses, hair accessories, shoes... all the ways you can look glam and gorgeous on your wedding day. But your guy looking and feeling his best is just as key (since it doesn't typically involve ruffles and tulle, it sometimes falls off of our radar). And I can't imagine a better way for him to feel dapper and distinguished than by wearing a tailor-made suit, created specifically for him.

Enter Proper Suit, who has done the seemingly impossible. They've streamlined the custom-made suit process by taking the whole endeavor online and kept their pricing affordable by shipping directly from the factory where the suits are made (we're talking $450 for a custom-made suit!).

Plus, it's easy. You choose the fabric (including color and style) and custom details (number of buttons, lapels, stitching style, etc). Then have a friend take your measurements (they have an easy form to walk you through the process). In 3-4 weeks, you can expect your own personal, tailor-made suit to arrive on your doorstep.

And they are some sharp-looking suits, as my dad would say. They look slim and stylish, and could get some serious mileage even after the Big Day.

A groom from a real wedding, wearing one of their suits


A couple of fabric samples (they have over 50 styles to choose from)