How many times have we all seen this: a photo of a wedding party where the ladies are meticulous and the guys look a little, well, not as meticulous? Maybe it's the ill-fitting, droopy suits. Or it could be the not-quite-the-right red vests that miss matching the bridesmaid dresses by several shades. Possibly it's the sloppy bow ties. But whatever it is, often the guys can look more like they are attending their first dance, rather than the formal event their female counterparts showed up for.

Enter Savvi Formalwear.  They know the problems often associated with renting suits and tuxedos, and can easily solve them.  This is not your typical rental experience of being handed a random suit and sent on your way.   First and most important, they have trained tailors at each location. They understand how a good fit can make all the difference in how a man looks and feels.  No guy wants to stand up at the altar with a jacket three sizes too big, or pants that are dragging the floor.

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With Savvi's exhaustive collection of colors and styles, they have suits and tuxedos for pretty much every wedding. No more settling on not-quite-the-right- red.

And because there are so many Savvi Formalwear locations, even out-of-state groomsmen can be assured of the same levels of care and tailoring.

Head over to Savvi Formalwear now to start browsing suits and checking out their collection of videos to help find the perfect fit for your wedding!