It's no secret that groom style tends toward the traditional. Black tuxedos and grey suits are definitely the norm — and there's no denying that it's a good look for grooms. However, there's a time and a place to throw the rules out the window and add a little more color to life (literally). Here are a few places you can turn to add a pop of color to your groom's wedding day look.


Bride with a romantic gown and bouquet and groom wearing a trendy purple suit

It's a bold statement to make, but a colorful suit is far and away the most impactful fashion decision your groom can make. Now, that doesn't mean you need to go full-on Dumb and Dumber (unless, of course, you want to), but picking a suit outside the sphere of grey or black will immediately add that splash of color to your groom's wedding look. The dark purple, green and bright blue suits shown here play right into the offbeat suit trend that's picking up steam lately while still being fun and fashion-forward. They're also kind of awesome.

Bride and groom on a DIY moon backdrop, groom wearing a dark green suit

Bright blue groom suit and yellow billy ball boutonniere


Groomsmen in mint pants and navy jackets and groom in a khaki suit

To really, truly, break free of the traditional suit and tie norm, ask your groom to track down colorful separates that complement your wedding colors. If he's feeling especially daring he can pick pants and a jacket that are both bright colors like the coral and orange combo below — or tone things down a bit by selecting a vibrant pair of pants or jacket and a more neutral-toned second piece to match, like the mint green and navy pairing on the groomsmen above.

Groom in a colorful coral and orange suit
Groom with a white shirt and teal pants


Wedding looks for the groom with pink shirt and burgundy bow tie

If going with color from head to toe sounds like just a little bit too much to take on, a dress shirt in your hue of choice is the next best thing. It's a little more subtle but still brings a healthy dose of color to the groom's ensemble. You can also choose a shirt that coordinates with your wedding colors, your own dress or bouquet or even (for the groomsmen) the bridesmaids' dresses without it feeling too matchy-matchy.

Pale blue groom dress shirt with grey suspenders, a pink ranunculus boutonniere and indie skull bowtie
Groom in a grey suit with a pink shirt and succulent boutonniere


Light blue groom shoes
Orange and grey Converse groom shoes

If your groom likes his fashion a little edgier, look into colorful shoes or even colorful socks. This option is easy to match up with suits in more traditional tones, like grey, while still packing a punch and definitely catching your guests' attention. The burgundy ones below look amazing alongside the bride's bouquet, even though they're a more subtle color.

Groom in a grey suit with burgundy shoes and the bride carrying a burgundy bouquet


Bright groom's boutonniere with pink ranunculus and orange flowers

A groom's accessories are truly the easiest place to add color to his look. Think ties or bowties, or even boutonnieres, and then just run with whichever of your wedding colors you like most.

Groomsmen with brightly colored ties and boutonnieres

Groom in a navy suit with a yellow bowtie and bright boutonniere

What do you think? Will you and your groom be using these groom suit ideas to add a little more color to his wedding look?

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