You know that you need to give something to the members of your wedding party, but what? Here are some helpful hints for showing your bridesmaids and groomsmen just how much you appreciate their participation:

They don't need to be identical. You can purchase something unique for every member of your party. Or you can purchase the exact same thing: beverage coolers for everyone!

Spare them the expense. If you are requiring your bridesmaids to wear $200 shoes or your groomsmen to purchase a very expensive tie, turn that into their gift. Being in a wedding party is a huge expense, so if your gift can relieve some of the financial strain, it will be much appreciated.

For the wedding and after. Don't want to narrow your choices by only giving a gift that involves their role in the wedding? Give them something they can use now and then after, such as makeup bags, shaving kits, nice umbrellas, etc.

Give them an experience. If you have a wedding party that really gets along, consider purchasing a meal or special outing for them, beyond the usual get togethers. For example, you could treat them to a special brunch the day after the wedding, tickets to a sporting event, boat tours, or anything else you think they would enjoy.

Always include a card. Make sure to write a personalized message with whatever gift you choose. Share with them your gratitude for their support, how much you cherish their friendship, and how much you look forward to future memories with them. Yes, even the guys ought to do this, but they are allowed to use words like "dude" and "bro" if that makes it easier.


Photo Credit: Jessie Holloway Photography