groom with beard in light gray suit

So, you're marrying a guy with a burly beard. And you love it in your everyday life (or maybe you don't--maybe you just love him), but in thinking ahead to your wedding portraits you are a wee bit concerned about his scruffiness. Here are a few beard maintenance tips for grooms, as well as a few dashing fellas that model good beard behavior.

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Except for this guy.  Decorating your beard with flowers is a recent trend that we are going to go out on a limb and reject.  Wholeheartedly.  One rose?  No.  A whole bouquet?  A resounding nuh-uh. Just don't.  Let's nip this fad in the bud, asap.

hipster groom with beard wearing a trilby

The key to making a beard look handsome and rugged rather than unkempt is grooming.  If your guy doesn't have a good set of scissors to trim his beard with, perhaps that would make a great pre-wedding present.  Once his beard is in the "shape" that he prefers, he may want to consider going in for a barber shop clean-up the day before the wedding.  They'll take care of that dreaded lower neck beard for him and give his beard a clean line.

groom with beard in khaki suit and brown bow tie
groom with stubble in bright blue suit

Here are a few basic beard maintenance tips:

1.  It's hair, so it should be both shampooed and conditioned.  Splashing a little soap and water on it in the shower isn't going to help the quality of the beard.

2. Comb the beard regularly to make it look neat and tidy. Plus, it will ensure there are no errant crumbs or hairs to contend with.

3.  Problem beard?  Try beard oil.  They come in a variety of formulations and scents and can actually be a really important skin care step.  By using a beard oil, not only do you make it look healthier, but it should also grow in thicker and more shiny.

modern bride with tattoos and groom with long beard

His beard is probably a reflection of his general style (such as the bold gentleman above), so don't make him shave!  By taking proper care of his beard, he will look totally debonair on your wedding day!

bride in gold dress and groom with curly hair and beard

groom with curly hair and beard wearing a floral jacket

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