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Add Some Patterns

Adding a pattern to the groom's summer wedding look, like a checkered shirt, would greatly complement the season. Using a navy blue color (instead of the more typical black or gray) adds to the laid back feel of a casual, warm-weather wedding while still remaining dressy and classy.

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Light Colors

Incorporating light colors keeps any groom's attire looking light and airy which is perfect for a summer wedding. Try adding a light pink tie to make this look pop even more.

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Go With Light Gray

Light gray is perfect for a summer celebration, and it makes any groom look and feel sophisticated. This light gray suit beautifully complements the wedding's bright colors.

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Navy blue and black with bow tie groom attire or summer wedding
Photo: Kate Holstein

Use Solid Colors

If you are having a more formal wedding, a nice, dark blue and black suit is the perfect groom attire selection. Adding a black bow tie makes this look even more formal, yet still keeps it casual enough to fit the season.

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Add A Patterned Bow Tie

Again, light gray is perfect for any outdoor, warm-weather event, but the addition of a patterned bow-tie brings a slightly edgy and a little more formal vibe to any suit. Adding suspenders adds another classic touch to this style of attire.

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Light, Bright & Beachy

If the vows will be exchanged underneath the hot sun, we're pretty certain the groom would prefer an outfit best described as fresh and cool. This light beige look would be perfect for keeping the groom cool. You can also add a casual touch by rolling up the sleeves.

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Gray suit with no tie for a Summer wedding
Photo: Erich McVey

Opt For No Tie

Lose the tie for a less formal wedding look. As long as the rest of the suit is nice and tailored, the outfit should still look classy enough for a wedding.

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Classic black and white groom attire for a summer wedding
Photo: Tessa Barton

Stick To The Classics

Believe it or not, a classic black and white suit works perfectly for a summer wedding. Adding some dark brown shoes gives the contemporary look a classic spin.

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Add A Vest

Ditch the jacket and add a vest for a cool and comfortable look. It's still buttoned-up for the super important occasion, but will keep the groom looking and feeling cool for summer.

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Light gray and pastel groom attire for a summer wedding
Photo: Erich McVey

Choose Pastels

Pastels are perfect for outdoor weddings. Soft shades and light fabrics are a great mix for almost any style of event.