Looking for a way to not be yet another boring groom in a tuxedo? There are ways for you to show your personality no matter what at type of attire your fiancé has selected for you and your buddies. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Interesting shoes or socks. Depending upon where your wedding is, ditch the painful loafers in favor of flip flops or sneakers. And neon argyle is almost always a good thing, right?
  2. The Anti-Boutonniere. Rather than the usual flower on a pin, use non-traditional elements to create your own look representative of your personality.
  3. Accessorize, even if just for after the ceremony. Some groomsmen might make their entrance with crazy sunglasses, but take them off by the time the ceremony begins. Especially if the groomsmen all know each other, they might have things that represent good memories and inside jokes. For example, the fake moustaches they used as teenagers to try to buy beer. Those types of accessories are best worn at the reception, when the focus is on having a good time and relaxing.