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Noisemaker Boutonniere

Make sure your groomsmen are ready to cheer you and your new spouse down the aisle with this adorable noisemaker boutonnieres!

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Action Figure Boutonniere

Why not search the toy aisle for some boutonniere ideas? Adding a small action figure or Lego figure can help show the personality of your groomsmen while also giving them a unique and fun look.

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Seashell Boutonniere

Just because you want to stray from florals doesn't mean you have to leave all-natural boutonniere ideas behind. Using seashells is a great way to bring a beachy vibe to your groom and groomsmen.

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Vintage Key Boutonniere
Photo: Lietofiore

Antique Key Boutonniere

Using vintage keys and keyholes for boutonnieres instead of flowers is an interesting way to bring "something old" to your ceremony.

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Crystal Boutonniere

Just because you're straying from fresh flowers doesn't mean you can't use something floral-inspired for your groomsmen. Adding a crystal boutonniere will add a beautiful touch to their looks on your big day.

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Chili Pepper Boutonniere

If you and your future spouse are foodies, integrating food into your boutonniere ideas is a perfect way to add color into your wedding decor. Of course avoiding actual chili peppers and opting for something non-consumable might be wise.

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Comic Book Boutonniere

If you're a comic book lover, why not bring a subtle nod to your favorite form of literature with boutonnieres made from comic book pages?

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Pocket Watch Boutonniere

Remembering your family's legacy is so important on your wedding day. By using an image on a pocket watch, you'll keep his family close to him.

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Guitar Pick Boutonniere

Looking for a way to integrate your musical hobbies into your boutonnieres? Build them around guitar picks to keep your love of music present in the ceremony.

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Steampunk Boutonniere

Steampunk is a fun style to emulate, but it can be a bit overwhelming to try and put into a ceremony. Adding some subtle steampunk hints to your big day can add a bit of whimsy without feeling too themed.