I know I can be a tiny bit dramatic (I'm your gal if you have good news to share) but when I walked by the Fritts Rosenow booth at the Fizz and Frills event I literally stopped in my tracks. Because on display was a miniature deer head on a lapel that was...a boutonniere! How clever is that? And then I looked a bit further and, lo and behold, there was C3PO waving hello, parked next to a tiny guitar boutonniere (with picks!) that would have been perfect for my husband at our wedding.

After I caught my breath, I chatted with the lovely couple who handmakes all of the designs and fell even more in love with their creations. Designed as place for grooms to share their personalities on their wedding day, they offer up creations that span computer chips to Vegas chips. Pretty much the only limitation is your imagination...

Collage of non-traditional boutonnieres from Fritts Rosenow.

If your guy has a bit more of a traditional bent, they also offer lovely floral boutonnieres, as well as other natural elements (I like this shell one, which would be perfect for a beach wedding). 

Collage of more traditional boutonnieres, including roses and sea shells.
Check out their whole whimsical collection over on their site!