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Play with Pastels

Pastel colors give off the perfect summer vibe. Plus, the light colors will look perfect against your dress.

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Bright coral groom suit for a summer wedding

Mix and Match

Bring your wedding colors to life; wear them! We love this groom's wedding day ensemble - and the idea of a colorful wedding suit is just about perfect for a summery celebration.

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Pattern Party

Patterns aren't just reserved for your socks. Don't be shy, go for a bold look.

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Seersucker suit for a summer wedding

Seersucker Style

It's lightweight, it's unexpected and classy: seersucker is essentially the dream summer material. Wear this suite to take your summer wedding to a whole new level.

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Style and Personality

Let your groom's personality (or family roots) shine through in his wedding threads. Let them shine through in yours too; your ceremony will show the merging of two cultures beautifully.

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Vest Only

Summer means hot weather and if your summer wedding is outdoors, you're going to want to keep your groom as cool as possible. You don't have to wear a full suit to look great. Rock the vest and stay cool.

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Snazzy Shoes

Shoes are the finishing touch on an outfit - they bring everything together. Plus, they aren't hidden under a big dress like the bride's, so pick dapper ones!

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Coordinating Socks

Sometimes, it's all in the details. Don't just worry about the suit, make sure you're coordinating from the boutonniere right down to the socks.

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Cream suit for a summer wedding

Cool Hues

You really can't go wrong with a cream suit in the summer. It's classic, cool and finding neckwear to match is a breeze!

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Accessory Style

Forget a tie, the cravat is the OG necktie. It's also ideal for your vintage outdoor celebration.

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Summer Suspenders

Forget anything you've ever heard about suspenders being nerdy, this accessory is the perfect finish to your groom's summer wedding ensemble.

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Offbeat Style

It's your wedding, you make the rules. This for the couples who are laid back and like to take it easy. If you (or your groom) want to rock shorts at your summer wedding, go for it!