classic black tie

Sure, the wedding dress gets all the big attention, but the tie is important too.  Finding grooms' ties to match the theme of the wedding ensures that the wedding pics won't look mismatched (we've all seen weddings where the bride is wearing a formal floor-length and the groom inexplicably inexplicably decides to wear khakis).  We have collected a few fitting ties and bow ties for three of the most popular wedding themes: modern, preppy, and vintage.

First, modern ties are all about sleek style.  Black is a classic for a reason.  Pair the tie above with a well-tailored black suit, and you have one handsome fella on your hands.  If you want to wear a charcoal suit, pair it with a gray tie with a stylish (but subtle) pattern, such as this Burberry tie (below).

Burberry plaid tie with modern style


Looking for a skosh of color?  A deep jewel tone, such as this tie in plum (below), adds a flash without sacrificing any minimalist sophistication.

deep plum tie for groom


Having a black and white wedding?  This polka dot tie would look elegant with a black suit. Have the groomsmen wear solid ties, but sport polka-dotted pocket squares.

black and white polka dot tie


Perhaps no other wedding theme is quite as much fun during the summer as a preppy affair. It's probably from watching too many Brat Pack movies with guys named Blaine or Jake, but I always love an abundance of madras plaids and stripes!  This blue-on-blue bowtie (below) would go well with a white shirt under a khaki suit.



This green madras bow tie is perfect for a preppy groom. This one would look great with a more casual chambray shirt.

green madras bow tie


For grooms with darker skin tones, nothing pops quite so well as butter yellow.  This preppy bow tie emblazoned with tiny owls would look really cute with a seersucker suit.

butter yellow bow tie


And of course, if we are talking bow ties, we need to discuss vintage.  For most vintage weddings that means a more muted color palette and nostalgic patterns. This earth-toned plaid is less formal that the ties above--and great for a wedding where the groom is forgoing a suit jacket.


I am loving this pink seersucker tie (to be fair, it could also work at a preppy event). And the pale pink will probably go perfectly with your vintage wedding's romantic color palette.

pink seersucker bow tie

This blue-striped bow tie (below, left) has a beautifully full shape, and loads of laidback style. And, lastly, this bandana-inspired tie (below, right) would be ideal for a vintage wedding that runs to the rustic side.  Lately, I have noticed a trend of grooms changing ties to better fit the mood of the reception. Wouldn't this one be fantastic at a BBQ bash?


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