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Strawberry & Coconut

Berries are often used in DIY body scrubs for their helpful antioxidants and vitamins. This all-natural recipe calls for coconut oil and sugar. Afterwards, we can guarantee that you'll smell delicious.

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diy blueberry lemon body scrub
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Blueberry & Lemon

Similarly, this blueberry and lemon scrub is refreshing with a delightful scent. If you plan on using it right away, you can use fresh berries (refrigerate immediately), but otherwise use freeze-dried ones ground into a powder.

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lemon and coconut body scrub
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Lemon & Coconut

Nothing will get you in the mood for self-tanner quite like a body scrub that smells like a tropical cocktail. Using a body scrub before you apply your self-tanner creates a more even application.

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sea salt and pineapple body scrub
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Pineapple & Black Lava Sea Salt

Need something powerful for dry heels and elbows? Don't let the sweet scent of this scrub fool you. It's actually a powerhouse in disguise. Remember to moisturize with a balm or lotion afterwards.

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pink salt scrub scented with essential oils and rose petals
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Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

DIY body scrubs also make fabulous bridesmaid gifts or favors for a bridal shower. This pretty pink scrub uses a variety of essential oils to create a warm, floral fragrance. Feel free to substitute your favorites.

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DIY sugar body scrub and bath salts soak scented with vanilla
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Brown Sugar & Vanilla

Rough day? After an exhausting day at the office followed by a workout at the gym, your weary self could probably use a relaxing bath. Pair a gentle sugar scrub like this one with an epsom salt bath soak. With baby-soft skin, you'll feel like a million bucks afterwards.

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DIY cocoa and hazelnut body scrub
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Chocolate & Hazelnut

Fan of Nutella? This DIY body scrub smells rich and decadent. To get your feet into strappy heel-worthy shape, use this coconut oil-based scrub before pedicures.

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DIY whipped brown sugar body scrub with vanilla
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Brown Sugar & Vanilla

This delicious-smelling body scrub isn't going to help any cookie dough cravings. But it is perfect for brides with more sensitive skin. It's whipped, sugary texture won't be as coarse as a salt scrub.

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DIY fresh cucumber and basil shower scrub
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Cucumber & Basil

If you are a bride that prefers to avoid sweet scents, try a more herbal blend with cucumbers and basil. Use it directly from the refrigerator to maximize its cool, refreshing effects.

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DIY lip scrubs and balms in contact lens cases
Photo: Sophie Uliano

Lip Scrubs

Add a lip treatment to your body scrub routine with one of these simple recipes. And the idea of storing travel-sized amounts of scrub and balm (whether for lips or body) in a contact lens container is absolutely brilliant.