Get fresh vibrant skin with these 11 DIY face masks just by raiding your kitchen cabinets!

Brighten and Tighten Mask

Brighten and Tighten Mask: Brighten and tighten your skin with this easy, three ingredients DIY mask. Find the recipe here.

Oatmeal Mask

Moisturizing Mask:  This simple mask will leave you with super soft skin, and it smells great! Find the recipe here.

Soothing Lavendar Mask

Soothing Lavender Mask: Sit back, relax, and let this mask do all the work. The soothing fragrance of the lavender will instantly melt away your stress. Find the recipe here. 

Cinammon Honey Mask

Cinnamon Honey Acne Mask: This is an all-around awesome face mask. Cinnamon brings oxygen and blood to the skin’s surface to dry out any of your problem areas while honey destroys the bacteria that leads to breakouts and simultaneously reduces redness and irritation. Find the recipe here.

Berry Yogurt Mask

Yogurt and Berry Mask: As the summer is coming to an end - you can use the extra fresh fruit in your fridge for your face! Find the recipe here.

Anti Wrinkle Mask

Anti Wrinkle Mask: Don’t give up on the Fountain of Youth just yet. This easy-to-make mask is a life saver for all those worry lines that your wedding planning has caused. Find the recipe here.

Honey Avocado Mask

Honey and Avocado Mask: Put all those avocados you've been hoarding to good use. Find the recipe here.

mud mask 3

Edible "Mud" Mask: A mask of all trades, this recipe has it all: Greek yogurt to loosen dead skin cells, honey to retain elasticity, cocoa rich in antioxidants, citric acid in lemon juice to exfoliate the skin, buttermilk to soften, and banana to moisturize. Mix them all together and you get a wonder mask! Find the recipe here.

Skin Smoothing Mask

Skin Smoothing Mask: Who wouldn’t want a mask that smells like chocolate cupcakes? This will make your skin feel so soft and youthful. And it’s totally okay if you lick the bowl after applying. No judgment! Find the full recipe here.

Cucumber Mask

Cooling Cucumber Mask: Mix it all up and let the soothing begin! This DIY mask will make you feel cool as a cucumber... literally! The refreshing ingredients and intoxicating smell is perfect for an end of summer skin refresher. Find the recipe here.

Coffee Face Mask

Coffee Face Mask: Add some life into a dull or tired complexion. Similar to your morning cup of coffee, it will wake you up and give your skin the energy it needs. This is a mask that is great for all skin types and contains the caffeine that will reveal a more youthful you! Find the recipe here.

Banana Face Mask

Banana Face Mask: Great for turning dry skin into smooth glowing skin, this homemade face mask is a quick fix for any dullness or tiredness. Find the recipe here.