Heartbeat: We've got our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and this one is at the top! Running late for your V-Day date? You can do this manicure yourself in no time.

so nailicious

Pretty in Pastel: Baby blue, pastel pink and mini red hearts. Does it get any better than this?


Floating Hearts: Freshen up your usual red manicure with these floating white hearts. Grab your polish to recreate this quick and easy V-Day manicure.

Cute Polish

Neon Love: We love a good gold manicure. Toss in some neon pink and a little black and white and we are officially obsessed.


Lots of Love: Layer up your favorite colors for this cute take on a heart manicure. It's a piece of cake to make this modern manicure your own.

Peppermint Polish

He Loves Me: A little sass and a very steady hand will get you this super cute mani.


Love Struck: Mixing calligraphy and etched red hearts is the best thing we've ever seen. This manicure feels equal parts sweet and sassy.

Zen Magazine

I Heart You: This easy manicure is a showstopper. The lipstick kiss is the perfect accent detail.

Laquered Lawyer

Hug Me: Conversation hearts are pretty much a Valentine's Day necessity. Mimic your manicure after this classic candy and get this conversation started.

Lauren Conrad

Mini Heart: Sweet and simple, this is the perfect manicure for Valentine's Day or your wedding day. It's easy to fall in love with this look!

Kaitlyn Dreyling

No Hearts Here: Not the gushy heart type of gal? Decorate your nails with this fun red and white design instead. We're all about this lacy accent.

Nail Treasures

Heart Balloons: Balloons are cool. Heart balloons are cooler. Fly away with this adorable manicure.

Miss Pop Nails

Whimsy Watercolor: Forget the red hearts and go with a more minimal manicure with this pink watercolor style.

Credits: Heartbeat   |   So Nailicious   |   Floating Hearts   |   Neon Love   |   Lots of Love   |   He Loves Me   |   Love Struck   |   I Heart You   |   Hug Me   |   Mini Heart   |   No Hearts Here   |   Heart Balloons   |   Whimsy Watercolor