When it comes to makeup, not all of us can be up to date on the latest trends and techniques. That's where the experts come in. These 5 tutorials are the best of the best when it comes to doing your wedding makeup no matter what look you're going for. Get comfortable and press play to watch these girls teach you how to be the most beautiful bride you can be.

1. Traditional Bridal Makeup: In this tutorial, Jen stresses how important it is to create a photogenic look as well as one that will be waterproof for any stray happy tears that you may shed on your big day. You'll be glad you learned some of her tricks to keep your makeup from reflecting the flashing cameras. | From Head to Toe

2. Old Hollywood Glam Makeup: From her hair to her makeup, Jaclyn's Old Hollywood Glam tutorial has it all. Great for elegant and vintage brides, this in depth, step by step video is just wedding day perfect. | Jaclyn Hill

3. Classic Bridal Makeup: As an experienced make up artist, Lauren provides you with easy to follow and expert tricks to create a classic bridal look. Plus, she is absolutely adorable. | Lauren Curtis

4. Glam Wedding Makeup:  These girls are fantastic! Recreating her wedding day look, Patricia and Esther are such a fabulous team. | Patricia Bright

5. Natural Bridal Makeup: This wedding day makeup tutorial is great for brides who want to maintain their everyday look without going overboard. Enhance your natural beauty by following Sona's easy steps. | Sona Gasparian