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DIY fruit flavored lip balm
Photo: Oh Joy

Fruity Lip Balm

Every bride wants to have picture-perfect makeup on her wedding day. Help your lips look their best with these balms and scrubs!DIY lip balms are lovely to make not only for yourself, but also those beloved bridesmaids at your side. This fruity balm features freeze-dried raspberries and beet powder to give it a slight rosy tint.

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Summer Lips

Planning on being outdoors for your summer wedding? This fruit-flavored balm's ingredients includes titanium dioxide to give you an added boost of sun protection. What we love most about DIY lip balms is how much you can customize them. This one can be made in a variety of colors and flavors.

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DIY lip scrub stick
Photo: Free People

Lip Scrub Stick

While we all love how lip scrubs can smooth and define our lips, we're usually less than thrilled with the mess of those little pots. This DIY lip scrub stick offers all of the benefits of a lip scrub in convenient, no-fuss packaging.

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Budget Favorite

This Nivea lip balm is definitely a staff favorite, not only because of its ideal consistency (not too glossy or too sticky) but also because of its teeny-tiny price tag.

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La Mer's The Lip Balm
Photo: Beauty Geek

Luxury Indulgence

On the other end of the spectrum is La Mer's The Lip Balm. Normally we wouldn't spend $50+ on a lip balm, but we admit that we've never used another balm quite so buttery soft. If you're in the mood to splurge on a beauty product, this is at the top of our recommendations.

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DIY lip scrub with aspirin
Photo: Beautylish

DIY Aspirin Scrub

A popular DIY lip scrub technique is mixing sugar with finely-crushed aspirin to buff your lips into plump gorgeousness.

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Hourglass No. 28 lip treatment
Photo: Beautezine

Lip Treatment Oil

This healing lip oil is a blend of essential and plant oils and has a slick, glossy finish. Your lips will feel great even after the product as worn off.

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Toothbrush Lip Buffer

Need to buff off winter's dry lips?  Use a soft toothbrush with a scrub and follow with a soothing balm. Just make sure you use a delicate touch!