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shiny gold manicure
Photo: Pinterest

Golden Ticket

There's nothing quite like a gold metallic manicure. Mix up the look with glitter and nail jewelry, too!

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Sparkling black manicure
Photo: Nails by Effi

Sparkling Black

Your nails will channel the bitter cold outdoors without the shivers. Silver glitter over a black matte nail will pull any holiday ensemble together.

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metallic monochromatic manicure
Photo: Sorta

Metallic Tips

This look is perfect if you're a creature of habit looking for change, but not too much. If your nail tech is used to giving you French tips, switch it up a bit for the holidays with a metallic strip.

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varied nail colors
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Mix and Matte

This metallic manicure plays with texture and color. Choose a matte color to complement your holiday garb and a metallic color to give bare nails some sparkle.

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rose gold manicure
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Pretty in Pink

If your style in feminine and flirty and you love all things pink and lacy (even in the colder months), a shiny pink manicure is the way to go.

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geometric nail manicure
Photo: Lackfein

A Hint of Color

Have some fun with shapes and color with this style, just make sure the colors are complementary.

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Festive Florals

Florals don't have to be reserved just for spring. Balance your bold metallic manicure with a finger or two of flowers.

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A Very Merry Christmas

With nails this detailed, it'll hardly matters what you're wearing, everyone will want to know how you achieved this festive look.

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Simple Tree

This is a perfect no frills holiday look. Deep blue polish and a few stacked triangles get you this beautiful holiday look.

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hunter green manicure with holly accent
Photo: Glaminati

Jolly Holly

Your friends will be green with envy when they see your nails looking like this. This manicure has it all: glitter, greenery and holly for the holiday season.