set of natural bath products

Wedding planning stress got you down?  It may be time for a little ylang ylang and lavender.  Aromatherapy bath products are just the ticket for a little budget-friendly indulgence.  Stock up on the products you love because you can use them for things other than just a little post-venue search bubble bath.

Deck out your venue's bathroom.  I went to a wedding last year, and the event was great. But do you know what was fantastic? The ladies' room. There was a yummy candle burning and mints on the table by the door.  Personalized lip balms were in a bowl by the mirror, and I washed my hands with some pretty awesome avocado soap.  It was a total break from the chaos of the reception (even if it was fun chaos).

beach wedding candle lanterns
candle jar with rope

Treat your guests to a little powder room atmosphere courtesy of lightly scented candles in holders that are in your theme.  The white pails (above, left) would be adorable at a beach wedding, perhaps even on a plate with stones and sand.  For a rustic event, put a tall candle in a glass jar and wrap it with rope (above, right) or twine (just make sure it is clear of the flame).  Some venues don't allow candles, so DIY up a little potpourri instead (below).

homemade potpourri
mini travel sized soaps

Treat yo ladies.  Chances are your bridesmaids are a little stressed, too. They could probably use a lemon lip balm (yum) or a box of organic soaps (above).  Make them little baskets to greet them when they arrive to their hotels.  If you are feeling creative, head over here for a cool "recipe" to make your own bath salts.  Because "I don't care for bath products," was said by no bridesmaid ever.

lemon lip balm

And don't forget about you.  Find a scent that calms you and embrace it.  When it gets close to your wedding, you don't want to try new products or anything too harsh on your skin. So make sure to test these bath products first before taking a soak the night before your wedding, because I'm guessing that hives won't go with your dress.

aromatherapy bath salts
aromatherapy bath and shower oil

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