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Blushing Beauty

This subtle pink pixie looks great paired with bold flowers and a blush dress. The edginess of the hair and the soft pink colors gives this look a very romantic feel.

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Fit For a Queen

Offset your pastel hair with a beautiful crown, helping the hair to frame your face. If you're needing inspiration for the crown, use the same flowers that you're using for your ceremony so everything is uniform.

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Frosty White

When thinking of your wedding 'do, let your dress be the guide and match your pastel hair with it! A bold lip and dynamic jewelry will bring your entire look together.

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Red Hot

When you've got a hair color this hot, there's no need for too many other accessories. It's bold and beautiful.

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bride with lavender hair

Lavender and Tattoos

This couple wanted their personalities to shine bright on their wedding day. The bride opted for a hairstyle and a dress that didn't hide the parts she loved most about herself.

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bride with bright hair

Colorful Elopment

Cancel out all the noise and opinions and take a quiet moment for just the two of you, like this bride and groom.

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Purple Waves

This bride loved all thing purple, so she made it her wedding theme. From the dessert table, to the groom's socks and her hair, she made sure purple would be well-represented at her wedding. Don't be afraid to do the same. Various shades of one color will make for beautiful wedding decor.

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bride with blue hair

Something Blue

Your big day isn't complete without something blue, right? So have fun with it and make it your hair!

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His and Hers

Tag team with your groom and both dye your hair! It'll make for colorful photos and an awesome date night.

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Peacock Inspired

When peacock is your flower (err, feather) of choice, a balayage technique on your hair to match only makes sense. It's subtle and sweet.