Woman's eye applying mascara.

Ah, eyelashes. They frame your gorgeous eyes and give them that wide open and awake feel! People go to great lengths to have long luxurious lashes. If you’re not born with the long lashes that you want but still want the desired effect on your wedding day, you have to turn to one of the best (and possibly most difficult) beauty trick in the book: false eyelashes.

If you’ve never used false eyelashes before, they can be a bit daunting. Glue on your eyelids never sounds like a good idea and the precision needed for them to look au natural can be hard to master. But, with a little practice and these tips below, you’ll be batting your long lashes in no time.

What you’ll need: false eyelashes of your choice, mascara, clear glue, tweezers, eyelash curler, mirror and if this is your first time – a whole lot of patience!

  1. Choose the right size. This is very important. Most people forget to trim or cut the false eyelashes they buy to fit the natural width of their lash line.
  2. The more curved the lash band is, the easier they will be to apply. Your eyelids are curved so make sure that your fake eyelashes are too!
  3. Apply mascara before and after. This will help bond the fake eyelashes to your natural eyelashes to create one beautiful lash line.
  4. Pipe glue onto your hand or apply onto a q-tip instead of directly on the false eyelashes. This will give you a lot more control over how much comes out and where it lands.
  5. Using tweezers will help you be more precise with your movements. When you’re working that close to your eyes and very close to a mirror, sometimes your hands and fingers get in the way. Tweezers will help you place the eyelashes exactly where you want them.
  6. Curl your new luscious lashes. Using and eyelash curler will give you that awake and refreshed look you’ll want when you walk down the aisle on your wedding day.
  7. Use liquid eyeliner to cover up any spots (if they exist) between your real lash line and your new fake lashes. This will create a unified lash line so that no one can distinguish your beauty secret.
  8. Patience, patience, patience. Applying false eyelashes is not easy. It takes a skilled hand and sometimes a little bit of luck. Using these tips will help but sometimes it’s easier to watch and learn. Below is a great in-depth tutorial that will help you become a false eyelash pro. Good luck!