voluminous updo on brunette bride with golden crown

Although boho is very on-trend right now, we have to admit to having a penchant for super glam hair. These luxurious looks can apply to any type of bride from vintage to modern. So, if you're a bride that would prefer a showstopping style, take a peek at these gorgeous updos and long waves!

Let's start with looks that glamorize the popular updo. Above, this bride's super shiny brunette locks are pinned into a layered bob, transforming her into Snow White's diva sister.

bride with elegant updo and jeweled headpiece by BHLDN

Art Deco wedding? Glam is right at home in this popular theme. After all, no basic updo will properly complement an ornately beaded gown or black and gold fan invitations!  Above, give a simple chignon dramatic height and top it off with a sparkly headpiece like this floral ivy from BHLDN.  Below, for those of you who yearn to be Lady Mary Crawley, this finger-waved updo can be achieved on a variety of different hair lengths.

bride with 1930s inspired finger waved updo
oversized bun on retro updo

No one can dispute the level of glam that came out of the 1950s and 60s, with their gravity-defying beehives and perfectly curled coifs. Here are a couple of modern versions that we love. Who needs a veil when you have a bun this fantastic (above)?  Accent it with a high collared dress or capelet.  The curled, voluminous updo below is only more magical because of the bright streak of purple in the bride's dark brown hair.  What might have been perfectly pretty is now totally unforgettable. If you have something unusual about your hair, such as a bold streak of color or unique texture, find a style that highlights it, rather than hides it.

glam brunette bride with streak of bright purple hair
curled waves twisted into updo on bride

If your definition of glam is all about upscale sophistication, here are two styles just for you. Above, the bride's long hair has been twisted and then tied into a low updo. Because her hair is off the nape of the neck, she chose to accent the entire effect with a necklace strung down her back.  Below, this bride's sleek low chignon is very classic, and is made princess-glamorous by the precision of the style and smoothing serum in her hair.

bride with sleek chignon and statement back wedding dress
African American bride with intricately twisted, glam updo

The bride above has managed to channel possibly the most glamorous woman of all time, Josephine Baker. Intricate, thick twists have been arranged into an elaborate updo complemented by ruby lips and long, dark lashes.  Below, this bride has chosen to wear her hair natural with an absolutely stunning floral headpiece for her ultra glam 1930s affair.

African American bride with natural hair tied back with sophisticated, glam headpiece
bride in strapless gray dress with messy updo

Sometimes glam can get a little messy, and we kinda like it.  This messy LOB-inspired hairstyle above is a great combo with such a va-va-voom gown.  Her deep smoky eye makeup and contoured cheekbones add to the dark glamour of this look.

There is something timeless about tousled, full, teased hair. This bride below could be straight out of the glossy pages of a 1960s editorial shoot or, as it happens, a modern wedding event.

bride with retro glam, tousled and teased lob hairstyle
bride wearing dark, wavy hair down for wedding

Of course, the most bombshell form of glam wedding hair is long waves. Since Veronica Lake, this style is just the ultimate, whether you pin a side back (above) or wear it with a veil (below).

bride wearing hair down in long waves with veil

Take this style edgy by going really, really big. Below, this vibrant bride's thick, fabulous waves are on full display by wearing her hair down.

bride with ultra voluminous hair

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