With so many organic hair products blooming in the market today, getting gorgeous hair for your green wedding is easy and affordable. Chemical-free shampoos and conditioners repair hair, leaving it full and healthy on your big day, and ever after!

Sustainable Shampoo Tips

Avoid shampoos containing sulfate or sodium chloride. Sulfate creates that seemingly clean, excess lather. All of those suds and bubbles running through your hair, on your skin, and ultimately back into the environment, create friction and minimize moisture. Avoid those harsh chemicals and give your hair the clean, refreshing break it deserves by switching to a green shampoo!

Green shampoo products can easily be found in any drugstore or online.

Consider shampoos made by Abba or Soma Hair Products. These companies specialize in creating organic hair products that are biodegradable, and free of formaldehyde, synthetic dyes, hypoallergenic, sulfate free, and 100% vegan!


Clean, Green, Conditioners!

There are many conditioners and oils for hair repair that are sustainable and effective! Onesta conditioners are sulfate free and do not contain parabens, synthetic dyes, or sodium, allowing your hair to grow healthy and hydrated! For thick hair, Marrakesh Oil is a great green alternative to those coarse conditioners. Marrakesh Oil combines argan oil with hemp oil to hydrate your hair and give it a sleek, healthy feel.

Eco-Chic Styling Products & Sprays

Get the glamorous green results you have always dreamed of! Green Styling Products are staples to everyone's ideal beauty care. Try BY Framesi’s Glacier Wax, Mist Light, Hydro Gel, or Mousse! These products are recyclable and water-soluble! For shine, styling spray, curl finish, or volumizing gel, Abba Hair Products also has a wide variety of unique and eco-chic hair styling products.


Whatever your hair-needs, green companies are providing you with top-of-the-line products that are eco-conscious and effective! Don't be afraid to shy away from old, chemically induced shampoo: achieve your dream green hair by utilizing naturally healthy ingredients and products!

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