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Gradient French Manicure
Photo: Mod Wedding

Gradient French Manicure

If you want to spice up the typical French manicure, try this gradient manicure. It offers a smoother flow in between colors, and photographs of your ring will be stunning!

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Manicure with Flair

This chic, angled manicure with almond-shaped nails is all kinds of fabulous. We love this with neutral pinks or taupes and a shimmery tip!

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Glittered Nail Art
Photo: Mod Wedding

Glittered Nail Art

The sparkle on your hand doesn't just have to be just from the ring. Try a little embellishment over a neutral color because a little glitter never hurt a bride! If your dress is adorned with silver jewels, a silver glitter really pops.

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Solid Light Pink

You can never go wrong with a solid-colored manicure, especially in this neutral, light pink!

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Two Toned Rose Gold
Photo: Mod Wedding

Diagonal Two Toned

Rose gold and dusty pink are hot wedding colors. If you can't decide between either try a two-toned design like this one! This is one of the more modern wedding nail ideas in this round-up.

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Natural Nail With Subtle Moon
Photo: The Knot

Natural Nail with Subtle Moon

If you're going for a dewy natural look, elegant and simple may be the way to go with your manicure. Fashion a natural nail with a pinky hue at the base of your nail to create a moon accent!

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Bright White

Things are getting serious! We're in love with this bright white nail trend. With a cool color palette at your wedding, white nails make the perfect addition.

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Gold Flecked Tips
Photo: Fiore Beauty

Gold Flecked Tips

These pink-toned nails with large gold flecks on the tips are a dream. They're a perfect look for the glamorous bride! If you're looking for equally luxurious makeup inspiration, check out some tips for picture-perfect wedding makeup.

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Natural Gloss
Photo: The Knot

Natural Glossy Polish

A natural, glossy polish will let your ring shine on your big day, while still making your nails look finished. Try a shimmering, light polish for that translucent, natural nail look.

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Reverse Glittered Manicure

Add a little glitz and glam. This reverse glittered manicure is such a chic bridal look! Nailed it!